Alto’s Odyssey developer teases brand new title for Netflix Games

Over the years, the landscape has transformed for gamers at home. You don't need a console, PC, or even the best Android phones, because streaming services like Netflix have joined the fray, bringing down at-home hardware requirements without compromising the gaming experience. Casual games with some of the best gameplay in recent memory have come from a studio called Snowman — notably responsible for Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure. A new teaser from the developer is getting everyone excited again, this time for a new Netflix Games release.

Alto's Odyssey and Alto's Adventure were hot favorites from the day they burst onto the mobile gaming scene, thanks to their use of vivid colors, great physics, and smooth controls making for a rather chill gaming experience. Snowman appears to be bringing a similar style with its upcoming game, Laya's Horizon. The studio released a brief teaser (via The Verge) revealing a lot, but not quite enough to get a grasp of the gameplay.

The video clearly keeps the studio’s art style we have come to love in the Alto series, replete with the windmills, cliff sides, and hot air balloons. The video concludes by showing a character in a wingsuit-like cape standing at the edge of a structure. Snowman doesn’t say what the gameplay will offer, but the YouTube video contains a brief description stating, “A whole new world is just beyond the horizon,” which seems to imply the game will have something to do with flying.

While we are excited to try out Laya’s Horizon whenever it launches, there is one potential downside to the new title’s association with Netflix Games. You will need an active subscription to the streaming service. However, this isn’t Snowman’s first rodeo with the Netflix Games since Lucky Luna is already available through the platform.

Meanwhile, the developer hasn’t specified a release date for Laya’s Horizon just yet, so we aren’t sure when to expect the launch; all we know is that it’s coming. So hopefully, Netflix Games or Snowman will have more to share sometime soon, as the fresh teaser sure piqued our interest.

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