Just like the Apple Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is among our favorite Android smartwatches on the market. Despite its dated internals, Google’s first smartwatch delivers an excellent user experience. It also stands out in the design department with its circular casing and curved glass design. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 lineup is better than the Pixel Watch in almost every way but pales in the design department. For the Galaxy Watch 6, Samsung could take a major design cue from Google’s smartwatch and use curved cover glass.

Reliable Samsung leaker Ice universe claims the company intends to use a curved glass design on its next smartwatch. There is no other design-related information, but it is seemingly clear that the company won’t use flat glass on top of the display.

Apple has been using curved cover glass on the Apple Watch for a few generations now. While not mentioned, Samsung is unlikely to use curved cover glass with the same degree of curvature as Google uses on the Pixel Watch.

A curved glass could give the Galaxy Watch 6 a more premium look. It should also help with the swiping gestures, as your finger can easily glide from the display’s edge. On the flip side, it makes the glass more susceptible to scratches and dings. However, Samsung could alleviate these reliability concerns by using its more durable sapphire crystal glass, as seen on the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

This won’t be the first time Samsung will use curved glass on the Galaxy Watch lineup. The Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2 used curved cover glass before the company switched to a flat glass design.

It is unclear when Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup. The Watch 5 series debuted in 2022 alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, so the Watch 6 could launch later in the year with the company’s 2023 foldable lineup.

Conclusion on Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 might take design inspiration from the Pixel Watch

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