Amazon commits to even more software updates going forward

When the Kindle Scribe was released this past December, our review noted that Amazon had neglected the software components of the device. But this year, Amazon will roll out regular software updates for the Scribe, starting with an update that is out now.

More updates for the Kindle Scribe are expected over the year. The first available today includes new brush types, new subfolders, and better page navigation, all addressing the note-taking functionality of the device, precisely where it came up short.

The new brush types (fountain pen, marker, and pencil) offer five thickness options each and sit alongside the existing pen and highlighter. All of these new brush types offer enhanced pressure and tilt capabilities and can be used everywhere the existing types could. Subfolders are also in the mix, offering folders within folders to categorize and store your notes easily. You can add them by clicking the plus sign within a folder. Subfolders can also be moved between folders. Finally, the addition of improved page navigation lets you jump to specific pages in your Kindle Scribe notebook by typing in the page number, making note navigation much easier.

The Kindle line traditionally offers purpose-built software, but it’s nice to see Amazon taking a more proactive stance with software updates for the Scribe since it launched so barebones. That being said, these additions don’t fully address all of the problems we had with the device when it launched, so here’s hoping Amazon’s intention to bring updates regularly delivers more than what we see arriving today.

The Kindle Scribe doesn’t quite stack up to the competition when it comes to taking notes, and basic additions like pen types or better navigation won’t do much to change missing features. Handwriting-to-text is a significant component in competing devices still absent from the Scribe, and the fact that you have to email existing files to your Kindle account to edit them is unnecessarily cumbersome.

Overall, the promise of regular free updates for Kindle Scribe devices is fantastic news that cements its position further as one of the best Amazon Kindle devices. However, if future updates are as lackluster as today’s, we don’t expect the overall experience to change much anytime soon.

Conclusion on Kindle Scribe update delivers new annotation options and navigation controls

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