HUAWEI's new watch looks like a G-Shock and Pop Swatch mashupKris Carlon11 seconds ago

In a surprise sneak peek at MWC 2023, HUAWEI offered us a quick glimpse at its new Watch GT Cyber. It's a kind of Frankenstein's monster of G-Shock meets Pop Swatch, and it's quite an eyeful.

The central puck pops out of the G-Shock-esque housing (see the image below) and can be slipped into a number of different straps, just like a Pop Swatch of old. The watch strap itself is fused with the housing, so to change the strap you change the entire watch housing. We saw three strap styles in a total of six different colors. More will presumably be available via third-party accessory makers and it seems feasible you could even 3D-print your own.

We're told that when you switch between watch housings, the smartwatch detects the new strap and changes the watch face to match. You can also take a photo of your outfit and have the watch generate a matching design for your watch face. The Urban edition features a nanocrystal ceramic bezel and 316L stainless steel frame. The Sport edition opts for a "fiber-reinforced composite" frame which sounds a lot like plastic.

Beyond the novelty, this looks a lot like any other recent HUAWEI smartwatch, albeit even bolder than usual. The HUAWEI Watch GT Cyber was already released in China, other parts of Asia, and in Latin America. HUAWEI assures us there are no plans at the moment to launch it in Europe.

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