Older Pixels get free access, while everyone else will need to subscribe to Google One

Source: Google

Google’s lineup of Pixels make for some of the best Android phones you can find today. But while the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro feature the company’s best attempt at premium hardware yet, it’s clear the real reason to buy one of these phones is the overall software experience. Starting today, however, recent Pixel owners are about to have one less exclusive feature to hold over their Galaxy-owning friends’ heads, as Magic Eraser is coming to all modern smartphones as part of a Google One subscription.

Source: Google

Less than two weeks after a Super Bowl ad highlighted the impressive results you can get from Magic Eraser, Google is looking to expand the tool to everyone. Starting today, this particular Photoshop-esque ability will be available to any Google One subscriber through the Photos app, on Android and iOS alike. That means anyone who dumped their Pixel for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can keep using Magic Eraser, so long as they’re paying for a One membership.

But rest easy, Pixel fans — there’s some good news for you as well. If you’re currently rocking a pre-Tensor device, like a Pixel 5a or Pixel 5, you’re getting access to Magic Eraser without any subscription required. You can start accessing the tools in Photos today, although Google says it’ll take a few weeks to roll out to everyone.

Source: Google

Google is also bringing some new editing features to Photos for One members and Pixel users starting today, something it’s done throughout the last couple of years. Subscribers can access a new HDR video effect, similar to the one available for photos, that works to find a balance between the lightest and darkest portions of any given clip. New collage Styles are coming for both One members and Pixel owners as well, alongside every Photos user gaining an option to apply Styles to just one photo in a collage.

And finally, if you’re paying for a One membership — something virtually required since the death of free Photos storage — you now get free shipping on all print orders. Unfortunately, this only applies to shipments in the US, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, but it should eliminate one of the biggest hurdles for getting physical copies of your photo collection.

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