Galaxy S23 Ultra may be having problems connecting to Wi-FRyan McNeal24 seconds ago


Did you pick up the Galaxy S23 Ultra when it launched earlier this month? Have you been having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network? If you said yes to both, you're not alone. A growing number of early adopters have reported similar issues with the S23 Ultra.

First spotted by Android Central, owners of the S23 Ultra have flocked to Reddit to report issues with Samsung's latest flagship. It appears the device is having problems connecting to Wi-Fi, telling users it's "connected without internet."

However, the problem doesn't seem to be with Wi-Fi in general. The issue appears to stem specifically from Wi-Fi 6 networks. Based on the Reddit posts, there appears to be a trend among those who have 802.11ax or WPA3 set up as their preferred security method.

According to the outlet, Samsung support says the company is aware of the problem and they are working to resolve the situation. A fix could come as soon as Samsung's next monthly update.

Thankfully, the Wi-Fi connection problem seems to be limited to Wi-Fi 6. There appear to be no reports from people using a Wi-Fi 5 network.

If this connectivity problem has become something you can't ignore, you can always adjust your Wi-Fi settings to turn off 802.11ax or WPA3. But if all of your other devices are working fine, it may be a hassle changing your settings, especially when a fix is on its way.

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