😁 Good day, and welcome back to the Daily Authority. Somehow it's Monday again and nearly the end of February. Where has the time gone? Before I waste any more of it, let's get straight into today's top story from MWC 2023.

Motorola brought the conceptual heat to a chilly Barcelona with its latest rollable phone concept. Dubbed the Motorola rizr, the phone caught Rita's eye. Here are her thoughts after spending an afternoon with the device.

💻 More rollables at MWC 2023: This Lenovo laptop doubles its screen size at the touch of a button (Android Authority).

👐 We also went hands-on with the TCL NXTPAPER 11 tablet in Barcelona (Android Authority).

📱 Xiaomi 13 Pro hands-on impressions: Lucky number 13? (Android Authority).

🗺 Staying with Xiaomi, MIUI 14's global release schedule is now live. Know when your phone will get the update (Android Authority).

✒ AI-generated fiction is flooding literary magazines — but not fooling anyone (The Verge).

🐹 As chat-based AI becomes more pervasive, we are all once again tech companies' guinea pigs, argues this piece (The Wall Street Journal).

💬 Final AI story today and a super read: Tech companies are reportedly hiring "prompt engineers" to train chat-based platforms (Washington Post).

👀 Getting a word in: I tried Bing Chat on mobile, and I'm not going back to Google Assistant (Android Authority).

🔓 Signal will ditch the UK if a new encryption law is passed, according to the firm's CEO (Ars Technica).

🧰 Watch and wonder as we try to fix a Nokia G22 in five minutes (Android Authority).

🚗 Work from car? Mercedes-Benz is bringing WebEx meetings to the new E-Class sedans (Engadget).

💥 Zoom and enhance: What only works in movies? (r/askreddit).

No lessons or helpful links this week, just a glimpse into ChatGPT's dread when we poke it with a keyboard.

Have a great day,

Andy Walker, Editor.