Crunchyroll brings Street Fighter to mobile, an auto-battler in all but name

Your favorite Street Fighter characters are here to help you buy microtransactions

Street Fighter: Duel, the RPG based on the titular franchise, is available for download on the Google Play Store. It went up for preregistration earlier this month, offering a raft of in-game currency promotions, and now you can finally put them to use. Unfortunately, you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for a white-knuckle fighting game (i.e., like the core Street Fighter titles on consoles and PC).

Street Fighter: Duel is a strange title, as you don’t actually duel anyone (barring the first tutorial match). Instead, you’ll build a party of fighters who will fight against another group. However, your control over your fighters is minimal. They’ll automatically fight for you, but you can help them by tapping combo buttons in the bottom right of your screen. But if you want, you can reduce your involvement further by letting the game tap these buttons. There’s no controller support, which makes sense as you don’t need to press any buttons to play.

Gameplay thus devolves into the equivalent of watching computers play a dumbed-down version of Super Smash Bros. It’s almost remarkable how little gameplay there is. Most player interaction is in building your team, which, you guessed it, revolves around microtransactions.

To ensure your minions win matches, you must promote them with Cash and Fighter XP. Street Fighter: Duel does the classic trick of artificially inflating the numbers, and the best thing is, you don’t even have to pay attention to them. Rather than check how much currency you have, you can tap and hold on to the “Promote” button to instantly use up your currency to level a character as much as possible. The convenience doesn’t stop there. Instead of carefully choosing between items to equip your fighter, tap the “Quick Equip” button to let the game do it for you.

Overall, Street Fighter: Duel is a tedious auto-battler with Street Fighter characters thrown in for flavor. However, it is an amusing game to watch while you do the dishes or groom your cat. If you want an actual fighting game, we’ve rounded up the best of the genre into this list.

Conclusion on Crunchyroll brings Street Fighter to mobile, an auto-battler in all but name

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