A universal ‘continue watching’ row for Fire TV might be in the pipeline

Unlike some of the best streaming devices with Google TV, Amazon's Fire OS-powered dongles and smart TVs lack a universal "Continue watching" row that displays all your viewing activities, including those from third-party apps. While the Fire TV home screen does have a “Recently Watched” row, it does not display movies or shows from non-Amazon services. Amazon could fill that gap in the future with a new feature for Fire TV devices.

Fire TV doesn't currently have a way of figuring out the content you've viewed in a third-party app, so your watch history on the platform does not reflect your streaming activities outside of Amazon's ecosystem. According to AFTVnews, the company is working on a new way to track everything you watch on Fire TV.

The feature will reportedly allow streaming apps to share your viewing activity with Fire TV, fueling the platform's planned version of Google TV's "Continue watching" row. This grants Amazon access to all of your recently viewed content. The shows or movies will then presumably be displayed in a universal row on the home screen, and selecting them will take you right back to where you left off.

But that's not all there is to the rumored feature. Amazon’s implementation may be superior to Google TV’s watch history because it can reportedly track your viewing activity from other devices as well, such as your smartphone.

Google TV’s preview of shows you’ve already watched is currently hit-or-miss, with some episodes you’ve already seen on your handset occasionally appearing in the interface’s “Continue watching” row instead of the next one. Amazon will reportedly fix this through direct integration with third-party services, as per 9to5Google.

In addition to your watch history, the feature will allow apps to share your watch list, purchased content, and personal recordings with Amazon to better personalize your Fire TV home screen, the report says. For those wary of their privacy, the feature could be optional, so you can always turn off Amazon’s tracker. It might even be possible to turn integration on or off for individual streaming services.

Amazon also won’t be able to view your watch history from other apps unless those services opt in to the feature. When a child’s profile is used to watch content, the feature could also be disabled.

It's currently uncertain when or if this functionality will become public, but it’ll be a significant improvement that will make your viewing experience across Fire TV devices more seamless.

Conclusion on Amazon Fire TV’s ‘Continue watching’ row might soon include shows from all your streaming services

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