40 keyboard shortcuts that will save you time

Supercharge your typing with these handy shortcuts

Google Docs, available through Google Chrome, is packed with handy tools like templates and extensions to improve your workflow, but the easiest way to boost productivity is through keyboard shortcuts. There are over a hundred shortcuts available that can do everything from everyday actions like bolding text to infrequent actions like toggling a checkbox. Many are universal across text editors like Microsoft Word, but some are specific to Google.

Google Docs is the text editor of choice for most Chromebook users, so if you’re an avid user of the most potent Chromebooks, you’ll want to use these shortcuts to make your life easier. We gathered the best keyboard shortcuts to get you started.

Commands differ slightly across Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS, but most are the same. On a Mac, use the Command key (⌘) instead of Ctrl and the Option key instead of Alt unless specified otherwise. For example, press ⌘ + P instead of Ctrl + P to paste text.

The best Google Docs keyboard shortcuts

For most commands, press and hold the first key, then the subsequent keys. For example, to copy text, press Ctrl then press c. These shortcuts work when you’re offline.

Common commands

  1. Open common keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + /. This creates a handy popup where you can browse available commands.
  2. Copy: Ctrl + c
  3. Cut: Ctrl + x
  4. Paste: Ctrl + v
  5. Paste without formatting: Ctrl + Shift + V
  6. Undo action: Ctrl + z
  7. Redo action: Ctrl + Shift + z
  8. Save: Ctrl + s
  9. Find text: Ctrl + f
  10. Find and replace text: Ctrl + h (⌘ + Shift + h on macOS)
  11. Switch to editing: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + z
  12. Switch to suggesting: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + x
  13. Switch to viewing: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + c
  14. Insert page break: Ctrl + Enter
  15. Insert link: Ctrl + k

    Text formatting commands

  16. Bold text: Ctrl + b
  17. Italicize text: Ctrl + i
  18. Underline text: Ctrl + u
  19. Strikethrough text: Alt + Shift + 5
  20. Copy text formatting: Ctrl + Alt + c
  21. Paste text formatting: Ctrl + Alt + v
  22. Clear formatting: Ctrl + \
  23. Increase font size: Ctrl + Shift + . (period)
  24. Decrease font size: Ctrl + Shift + , (comma)

    Paragraph formatting

  25. Apply heading style: Ctrl + Alt + (1-6). Select the corresponding header number.
  26. Apply normal text style: Ctrl + Alt + 0
  27. Insert numbered list: Ctrl + 7
  28. Insert bulleted list: Ctrl + 8
  29. Align text left: Ctrl + Shift + l
  30. Align text center: Ctrl + Shift + e
  31. Align text right: Ctrl + Shift + r
  32. Insert Comment: Ctrl + Alt + m
  33. Move to the next comment: Hold Ctrl + Alt, then n + c
  34. Move to the previous comment: Hold Ctrl + Alt, then p + c

    Other commands

  35. Open Spell Check: Ctrl + Alt + x (⌘ + Option + x Fn + F7 on macOS)
  36. Switch to Compact Mode: Ctrl + Shift + f
  37. Select all text: Ctrl + a
  38. Check word count: Ctrl + Shift + c
  39. Page up: Ctrl + Up arrow (Fn + Up arrow on macOS)
  40. Page down: Ctrl + Down arrow (Fn + Down arrow on macOS)

Can I use these shortcuts in other Google apps?

These shortcuts are universal across Google’s apps, so you can use these commands to speed up making spreadsheets in Google Sheets. Universal commands (for example, copy and paste) should be the same, and other commands, like inserting comments, should also work. If you’re unsure, check Google’s support page for that app.

Boost your productivity on Google’s apps

The most popular Google app, Gmail, also has a ton of shortcuts to supercharge the app.

Conclusion on 40 keyboard shortcuts that will save you time

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