MMORPGs are a dime-a-dozen on the Play Store, so it can be hard to find the good one’s in a sea of predatory microtransactions. However, there are some true gems, so we’ve sorted through them to find the best MMORPGs for Android.

These are all multiplayer games, so head to our roundup of the most immersive RPGs for a single-player experience. MMOs traditionally present the player with lots of information at once, and these are no different. Therefore, we recommend grabbing a budget Android tablet if you’re planning on spending lots of time with these games.

1 RuneScape

Despite being less popular than its Old School counterpart, RuneScape is a regularly updated MMO that offers plenty of content for you to sink your time into. In recent years, it’s pivoted to more active gameplay, cutting down on the grind that has characterized RuneScape for so long. It’s a nice balance between grind and action, but overall it’s one of the most casual games on this list.

RuneScape has gone through massive changes over its life, which is a good or bad thing depending on where you stand. However, if you’re looking for a casual MMO that is forgiving to new players, you can’t do much better than RuneScape.

2 Rucoy Online

Rucoy Online is a refreshing change from the generic ultra-realistic MMO. It hits all the buzzwords you expect from an MMO but presents it in a pixel landscape populated by 2D sprites. It’s a little simplistic, but it’s got plenty of features to make it fun to play.

Rucoy Online offers just three character classes, and despite having the full range of MMO features, it’s a little thin. But if you haven’t got the time to commit to a larger MMO, it might be perfect for you.

3 Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape for Android is the classic RuneScape experience optimized for mobile. Its top-down camera, point-and-click controls, and straightforward gameplay are well-suited for mobile, and a carefully redesigned UI makes managing your character a breeze. There are hundreds of hours of content to dive into, and even if you don’t pay for a membership, there’s still plenty of free-to-play content. Even if you achieve what most don’t and max out all your skills, you still have the mountain that is Ironman to climb.

While Old School RuneScape’s gameplay is addicting, it is a little dated as it’s based on the 2007 version of RuneScape. Try RuneScape if you want a similar but modern experience. Both games are cross-platform, so you can pick up on PC where you left off on mobile.

4 DOFUS Touch

Like Old School RuneScape, DOFUS Touch is a port of a popular PC MMO. DOFUS Touch is a free game with a tactical turn-based combat system and a focus on social gameplay. While there are microtransactions, you can comfortably avoid them. It’s ideal for people who prefer an MMO focused on combat rather than grinding skills.

If you’re familiar with the PC version, you’ll notice that DOFUS Touch has less content than its desktop counterpart. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll quickly run out of things to do, there’s plenty of content to keep you occupied. Play DOFUS Touch if you want an MMO that encourages an active approach to gameplay.

5 MU Origin 3

MU Origin 3 isn’t a particularly innovative MMO, but it is one of the most spectacular. While the sheer amount of features can seem overwhelming at times, its balance of automatic and manual controls means things never get too grindy or boring. It’s perfect if you’ve just picked up one of the best Android phones and want to test out the screen.

The main thing that sets MU Origin 3 apart from its competition is the combat system. While point-and-click mechanics are fine for games like Old School RuneScape, MU Origin 3 encourages fast-paced and active gameplay. Combat in MMOs tends to range from relaxing to dull, but MU Origin 3 keeps things lively at all times. Try it out if you want a modern game that doesn’t stray too far from the classic MMO formula.

6 Toram Online

Toram Online is a refreshingly open MMO that encourages exploration and customization. It doesn’t limit you to classes or skill trees, and beautiful panoramic vistas are a reward in their own right. The graphics of Toram aren’t groundbreaking, but the world is designed to bring out the best in them.

Toram Online doesn’t shake up the classic MMO formula too much, but some unique features and smooth gameplay make it worth a shot. Play this if you’re tired of generic fantasy landscapes, and Genshin Impact doesn’t appeal to you.

7 Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is the newest game on this list. Its got all the features you would expect from a modern MMO, and when combined with the beautiful graphics you’ve got a must-play MMO. If the visuals seem familiar, it’s because Studio Ghibli produced all the animation for Cross Worlds.

This game offers a rich storyline and characters alongside stunning graphics. It’s a brilliant creation that shows how good a mobile MMO can be. Play this to experience a modern, polished MMO that shouldn’t disappoint.

8 Adventure Quest 3D

MMO’s are traditionally experiences that take years to complete, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re looking for an MMO you can complete before the heat death of the universe, give Adventure Quest a whirl. By playing a couple of hours every other day, you’ll reach the max level within a year. You won’t find large-scale PvP battles or massive quest lines here. Instead, you get a funny, straightforward, relaxed MMO.

Monetization isn’t a big part of this game. Like all MMOs, there are options to pay for various classes and cosmetics, but there aren’t any pay-to-win mechanics. If you’re looking for a fun, casual MMO or have never played an MMO, this is an ideal start.

9 Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is a refreshing twist on the traditional MMO formula. Rather than finding yourself plonked into another fantasy world full of Orcs and Elves, you’re given a starship and told, “Good luck!” It’s designed to be a sandbox from the ground up, so you’re free to experiment and explore from the start. It’s a complex MMO, the polar opposite of Adventure Quest, but unlike its bigger brother Eve Online, you won’t need spreadsheets.

However, for veterans of Eve Online, it’s hard to recommend. It cuts out a lot of features that, while fantastic for the mobile gaming experience, will be sorely missed by those players. Still, for those who want a fun space-themed MMO, this is a must-play.

10 Black Desert Mobile

If you care about graphics and visual effects over all else, give this a shot. Black Desert aims for an ultra-realistic appearance and nails the shot. It’s an impressive-looking game and becomes even more impressive once the spells start flying.

Black Desert is pretty standard for MMO mechanics. You’ll find your main quest, side quests, a somewhat limited PvP mode, and various other bits and bobs. If Black Desert has one significant drawback, the graphics can be too detailed and occasionally blur together into a confusing mess. If you’ve got one of the best Android tablets, definitely play it there instead.

11 Maple Story

Maple Story is a charming chibi-style 2D MMO, presented with a smile. We wholeheartedly recommend Maple Story to anyone even remotely interested in MMOs, as it’s rare that a game manages to be this cheerful, with enough content to keep you coming back for months.

Maple Story’s strength is that it has as much content as RunesScape or Albion but is streamlined into a 2D package. This results in a game with less grinding or repetitive clicking and more jumping around and whacking monsters.

12 Stormfall: Saga of Survival

If you’re a fan of great survival games but want one with a multiplayer twist, Stormfall is for you. Starting from nothing, you’ll build your base and level your character by adventuring into the wilderness. There are dungeons to loot, giant spiders to slay, and bosses to defeat.

PvP is a key part of the Stormfall experience. You can build alliances and factions to keep your base alive, but always be on your guard. Play this if you want a fantasy survival game that rewards and challenges you at every step.

13 Nova Empire

Nova Empire is for you if you enjoyed the setting of Eve Echoes but found the experience overwhelming. A greater focus on PvP means it’s best to join a more prominent clan at the beginning. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to defend your base against others.

Nova Empire can be brutal at times but very rewarding. The ship designing feature is relatively simplistic, but creating your fleets to send out is very fun. However, it hasn’t seen any major content updates recently, so look elsewhere if you want an MMO that’s constantly evolving.

14 Grow Stone Online

Grow Stone Online is another fantastic MMO that shows that ultra-realistic MMOs aren’t everything. It’s a great choice for people who want an MMO they can pick up and play with ease which still offers great progression. As you collect items, you’ll merge them together to make more powerful ones. It’s a nice blend of casual and MMO features that results in an absorbing, if not particularly challenging, experience.

Give Grow Stone Online a go if you’re tired of the same old MMO grind. It’s a relaxed experience, but still, it’s one you can return to for weeks

Immerse yourself in an online world

Mobile MMOs allow you to immerse yourself in an online world on the go. Many of these support cross-platform play, so you can pick up the adventure on your desktop computer when you get home.

There’s plenty of variety in this list, but if you want more, our roundup of the best games on Android has games from all genres.

Conclusion on 14 best MMORPGs on Android in 2023

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