Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss


keto_dietKetogenic dieting may be new to you, but it has been around for a while, under different names. And there have been other diet programs that are similar in their goals and popular for a time like the Atkin’s Diet, the South Beach and the Paleo diet.

So what makes the ketogenic diet different? The first difference is there are three different types:

  • Standard Ketogenic Diet
  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet

While all three are closely related, they are different in regards to their limits and they each have their own timing for consumption of carbohydrates. For all intent purposes, when the ketogenic diet is mentioned, typically it is referring to the Standard Ketogenic.

Here we will provide an outline that will explain the ketogenic diet exactly is how it works and why this diet works.

What Is This Ketogenic Diet Anyway?

A ketogenic diet is simply a diet that makes the body go into a state of ketosis. This is where your body burns fats instead of burning carbs for fuel. The proper ketogenic diet requires a high consumption of fat, ample amounts of protein, and low carbs. Because our body is used to making glucose out of the carbs we consume and use that for an energy source.  By limiting our carb intake sufficiently, our body goes into ketosis meaning our livers begin to break down our fat cells into fatty acids & ketones which are used as an energy source.

Why Does This Diet Work?

Just like any diet works, the ketogenic does by limiting your calorie intake, it is the fundamental weight loss science. This creates a caloric deficit and then more energy is burned than what is consumed.

How Do You Do A Keto Diet?



To be successful at keto dieting, you will need to learn how to properly balance your macronutrient ratios (check this list of macronutrients). The general recommendation for ketogenic dieters is to consume sixty percent of their macronutrients from fats, thirty-five percent from proteins, and five percent from carbs. You can check this in this post.

A beginner of a ketogenic diet should limit their carb intake to twenty grams a day and then as they become adjusted to being ketosis, the carb intake should be limited to a maximum of fifty grams a day.

During the first week or so, you need to be obsessively accurate in recording every bite of food or drink of liquid that you consume.

There are many helpful programs online and a keto app for your smartphone to help with this. In time, your will develop a clear understanding about how many carbs each type of keto foods has and how to adjust your eating habits to a low carb way of eating.