How to make keto brownies

keto brownies

If there’s a secret to making perfect crunchy keto brownies – then it must be in the timing. Make a mistake of over baking them and you will end up with a dry pile of crumbs. I will share the “secret sauce” I use to achieve extra fudginess too. Welcome back guys, today we’re making keto brownies and I’m pretty excited. I’m sure you already know that keto brownies promote healthy weight loss and I’m not here to bore you with those details. Put on your baking gloves and let’s get started. You’re about to learn how to make keto brownies.


Of all the keto recipes, this one is my favourite. Here’s what you’ll need

  1. Half a cup of butter
  2. Nine bars of unsweetened chocolate. We are going to use stevia to sweeten it
  3. Three large eggs. Bonus points if you can get them straight from the fridge. Cold eggs emulsify butter better.
  4.  One teaspoon of Stevia Sweetener. You can use other natural sweeteners too.
  5. One cup of almond flour
  6. One teaspoon of Cocoa powder
  7. A half teaspoon of baking powder (optional)

Other things you need to know

You will need about five minutes for preparation. Fifteen minutes for cooking. The above ingredients assume a serving of ten people. Scale appropriately depending on the number of people. Just like in other keto recipes, these brownies won’t exceed two hundred calories each.


  1. Have the oven preheated to three hundred degrees (Fahrenheit) in advance. Line your favourite baking pan with aluminium foil and apply a light coat of butter.
  2. Use a pan (or microwave) to melt the butter and chocolate bars. Stir occasionally until they’re indistinguishable. If you decide to use the stove, water heat them instead. Let the mixture cool to lukewarm. Whisk the eggs. Every time I use eggs at room temperature, they tend to separate. This is why I recommend using cold eggs.
  3. Slowly stir in the almond flour then add cocoa powder. Then add the stevia sweetener. Stir lightly taking care not to over mix.
  4. Carefully transfer this batter onto the coated baking pan. It should be relatively thick at this point. Use your fingers to align it into position.
  5. Bake for ten minutes or until the brownies are no longer soft at the top. Whichever comes first. Insert a toothpick to ascertain that the centre is still very soft yet the top is no longer wet.
  6. Let them cool completely or they’ll deform during cutting

I love these brownies: Here’s why you should love them too.

Low in Carbohydrates

These keto brownies are so spongy and chewy that you won’t believe they don’t cross the two hundred calories mark. They’re good too for gluten intolerant people as they use almond flour instead of wheat flour. We’ve used stevia over natural sugar as you’ll be enjoying the same health benefits without compromising on taste.

Free from Harmful sugars

These keto brownies are indistinguishable from the real deal. Well, almost. They’re neither too sweet nor are they coffee-bitter. Experiment with varying amounts of erythritol, traditional vanilla extracts and organic stevia to find the perfect balance. Find out what proportions work best for you. This, my friend, is how I discovered the “secret sauce”.

Use almond flour

Well, honestly speaking, raw almond flour isn’t the most visually appealing thing you’ll see this week. Some of us find its texture rather unappealing. This is normal. If you find raw almond flour rather unappealing use classic almond flour instead. However, it’s worth noting that unblanched almond flour is more nutritious and this is why you should never put it off completely.

Simple to bake

I love sharing keto recipes that are so simple that anyone can follow along irrespective of their experience. Don’t you believe that good recipes are the ones that you can cut out as many steps as you want and you’ll still achieve the same great taste? In this recipe, we’ve used simple ingredients that are easy to find. You could toss in a few nuts and see if they’ll still be as great.

Easy to serve

Children love them served with whipped cream. You could also use serve them with a few berries to great a great timeless dessert. As the days go by, you’ll naturally find yourself cutting down on the amount of sweetener.